Kinomatics: the industrial geometry of culture

The Kinomatics Project collects, explores, analyses and represents data about the creative industries. Our research is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Our current focus is on the spatial and temporal dimensions of international film flow and the location of Australian live music gigs.

Single Screen Cinemas

A map of all cinema venues in our Global Movie Screenings database. The light green points are single screen venues whilst the dark green points are multiple screen venues (two screens or greater). You can see that there is still a strong presence of single screen cinema venues around the world. This visualisation is produced […]


eResearch Australasia – 20-25 October 2013

Keynote Presentation – Deb Verhoeven. Deb has been invited to present at the upcoming eResearch Australasia Conference held in Brisbane from the 20-25 October 2013. eResearch Australasia provides opportunities for delegates to engage, connect, and share their ideas and exemplars concerning new information centric research capabilities, and how information and communication technologies help researchers to […]