Data and Technology

The Kinomatics Project relies heavily on multiple data sources and technology. For a list of some of the tools used to manipulate, analyse, and visualise this data see our page on Tools.

Global Movie Screenings

The primary source of data for many of the Kinomatics projects and visualisations come from our Global Movie Screenings database. Data is supplied weekly by a third party provider and consists of records for all screenings of all films for all cinema venues in 48 countries around the world. Below is a list and map of the countries/venues we are currently sourcing data from:


countriesdarkblueThe global screenings data are downloaded each week as compressed data files via a PERL synchronisation service.  The project database is RHEL 6 standard MySQL 5.1.67 and is stored on a vitual RedHat Enterprise Linux server.

Box Office Data

Box office data is used from the local scale to international scale. Broad statistics for international and national box office figures are taken from whilst regional and city level data for the US and Australia are supplied by Rentrak.