Kinomatics: the industrial geometry of culture

The Kinomatics Project collects, explores, analyses and represents data about the creative industries. Our research is collaborative and interdisciplinary. Our current focus is on the spatial and temporal dimensions of international film flow and the location of Australian live music gigs.

US Summer Box Office

The US has experienced it’s most successful box office summer (although this hasn’t been without it’s share of failures). This summer has been of particular interest due to the strong international presence contributing to the box office results. The international market is a growing market for Hollywood – impacting on the types of films produced, […]

Single Screen Cinemas

A map of all cinema venues in our Global Movie Screenings database. The light green points are single screen venues whilst the dark green points are multiple screen venues (two screens or greater). You can see that there is still a strong presence of single screen cinema venues around the world. This visualisation is produced […]