Conference Presentations – Europe 2014

homeradmitoneMembers of the Kinomatics team are looking forward to presenting at a number of international conferences in Europe this year. We will be delivering a total of 7 papers at 3 conferences in Milan, Glasgow, and Lausanne. Our research will span the ranking of cities for cinemability, the relationship between remittances and the distribution of film, the tracking of ‘The Hobbit’, and the songification of live music events.

NECS – 19-21 June 2014, Milan

  • Big Data and the Case Study: Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Kinomatics Project: an assessment of using “small” data to support “big” data
  • ‘Songification’: Vernacular approaches to music industry research

Screen Studies Conference – 27-29 June 2014, Glasgow

Panel: New Cinema History and the Spatial Turn

  • Scaling: Kinomatics and Big Cinema Data
  • Flowing: Cinema Histories Mis-placed
  • Ranking: Re-placing Cinema Cities

Digital Humanities – 8-11 July 2014, Lausanne

  • Kinomatics: big cultural data and the study of cinema