LGBTQ Representation in the Media Industries

Kinomatics team members Professor Elizabeth Prommer and Professor Skadi Loist have recently lent their expertise to the discussion of LGBTQ representation in the  media and film industry.

185 German actors made headlines for coming out publicly “en masse” in order to advocate for better representation both and off-screen. The #ActOut movement seeks to shed light on the discrimination and lack of representation that LGBTQ individuals experience in German media and film. You can find an interview with Professor Prommer speaking alongside other scholars and individuals in the industry on The World’s site here.


Professor Skadi Loist spoke at The Teddy Awards as a panelist member on”Queer Films Festival Trajectories after moving online” on March 2nd, 2021. Watch Professor Loist discuss the current and future realities of Queer Film Festivals alongside other industry professionals and scholars in a livestream on Vimeo here.