Researcher’s Work Passes the “Pub Test”

Kinomatic’s researcher Deb Verhoeven’s groundbreaking gender analysis of grant recipients has been printed onto hard lemonade cans by Sparkke Change Beverage Company. Sparkke Change’s award winning hard lemonade features Verhoeven’s spotlight on Australian research funding’s “Daversity” issue. Verhoeven’s team studied research funding finding that 79 per cent of ARC LIEF grant recipients and 82 per cent of NHMRC program grants recepients were male. Over a 10-year period studied, ARC LIEF grant projects included 131 men named David, yet only 15 Jennifers—one of the most common women’s names. Furthermore, this research demonstrated that across 16 years of data, 84% of men who received research grants didn’t work with a woman. Now this research is featured on the cans of Sparkke’s Girls Just Wanna Have Funding hard lemonade, to advocate for change to the public.