New Publication: Examining the Kinomatics collaboration networks

Members of the Kinomatics Team, including Deb Verhoeven, Paul S. Moore, Amanda Coles, Bronwyn Coate, Vejune Zemaityte, Katarzyna Musial, Elizabeth Prommer, Michelle Mantsio, Sarah Taylor, Ben Eltham, Skadi Loist, and Alwyn Davidson, published a new work on the research and impact of the Kinomatics project. Disciplinary itineraries and digital methods: Examining the Kinomatics collaboration networks conceptualises the Kinomatics approach with a critical social network analysis of how the collaborations are structured and open to being reshaped. In researching how cinema operates as a global cultural industry, Kinomatics team members aim to collaborate on a ‘global’ scale themselves, across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. This article demonstrates the Kinomatics team’s migration across specialities in inter-team collaboration and co-authorship and how this has contributed to new approaches and collaboration dynamics.

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